Hello, I am Gary L. Wimmer, and I have been giving psychic readings for over forty years. See the Menu below for links and detailed information about my methods, rates, schedules, etc., or simply scrool down. (This website is being redesigned, and I appreciate your patience.

I offer readings using pure intuition, regular playing cards, and Lithomancy, a fascinating and revealing but little-known methodology, described below. I ask no questions prior to giving a Lithomancy reading, as information simply appears. And for all readings, I offer clear insights, cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently, take any questions, record the reading, make sure you are satisfied, and email you a link to download the recording. Check out some reviews on YELP and GOOGLE. I am available 11am to 7pm Central time on most days. I am on the phone a lot and get constant spam and telemarketing calls, so email me or leave a clear message with your telephone number when you call. Also, I use to cut down on undesired calls, and nomorobo blocks calls that appear as spoofed or redirected or lack correct caller ID info. 512 707-0836 ~

I have been professionally tested for accuracy several times, and have many professional references and thousands of satisfied and repeat clients. Naturally, no one can tell a person everything, as free will is always at play, and life will always present us with surprises and curve balls. But we can know much more than we realize about ourselves and where we have power, enabling us to bring about positive outcomes as best as possible under given circumstances. My clients have always been pleased with what I offer, and you will be as well.

Contact me for an in-person reading, a phone reading, functions, group readings, speaking engagements, courses on Lithomancy, Radio and TV interviews, etc. To learn about my history and Lithomancy, public appearances, my books, rates for readings (scroll down to bottom of this page) and more, just scroll down or click on an item from the following Menu:
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Gary L. Wimmer ~ 512 707-0836 ~

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My books (A Second in Eternity & Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones) are available on Amazon (print version) and Kindle (ebook version).

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A Second in Eternity by Gary L. Wimmer A Second in Eternity is the true story about an intense and enlightening 'near death, out of body' experience I had in 1977, an experience that stills inspires and empowers me to this day.      Amazon      Kindle
Lithomancy by Gary L. Wimmer  Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones is the only comprehensive book on the amazingly revealing method of divination known as Lithomancy.       Amazon      Kindle
Sets of stones, printouts, instructional CDs, etc.
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How I read using Lithomancy


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Why have a reading

In most cases people get readings to gain insights into situations and issues. Sometimes people encourage their friends to get a reading. People are also often drawn to get readings because, whether they realize it or not, an accurate and enlightening reading can not only help with the issues at hand, but can also open people up to their own natural psychic abilities. Another reason is simple curiosity. But even people with no pressing concerns can benefit from psychic insights, as they open doors to new potentials and reveal the next steps in our personal evolution and transformation, processes that are ongoing.

From the first minute or so into a reading my clients always realize that I am on target by discussing the current situation. As the reading proceeds, I offer relevant and empowering information about what someone is going through, why and where matters are headed, as well as other matters of interest and/or concern. Indeed, I feel blessed for being given both the ability and the opportunity to provide such insights. Giving readings inspires me to consciously and proactively continue to develop my natural psychic powers (which everyone has) via dedication, interest, research, practice, and continuously learning new techniques. Walking, typing, driving, and most human activities involve techniques. So does life, but we often forget that. I offer clear information about how to develop one's techniques in life.
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My history and Lithomancy

The third of seven sons, I noticed my psychic nature as a child when I began experiencing accurate premonitions, but I didn't understand this God-given gift until my early twenties. Raised Catholic, in my search for truth, I unknowingly challenged priests and nuns with my incessant questions about God, life, predestination, Heaven and Hell. Even at a young age, I was convinced that the truth is knowable and that God wants us to know it, both of which I now know are true, but we must ask. By the time I entered college, I realized that most religions (as taught and practiced today) failed to satisfy my relentless curiosity about spiritual matters and why we go through what we do. I wanted to know the mechanics and the mysteries of the Universe, why things are the way they are, how much control and free will we really have, what exists beyond this world, what happens when we die, and more.

Thanks to various people during the late sixties, I began studying metaphysics and reading the works of spiritualists and psychics like Madame Blavatsky, Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce. In particular, Cayce's insights triggered my own psychic development and by the early seventies, I was giving psychic readings using playing cards and other methodologies.

On February 7, 1977, I had an intense and enlightening "near-death, out of body" experience that exposed me to new levels of psychic ability, answered more of my questions about God and the Universe, and empowered me to see things I didn't know human beings could see and experience. I wrote about that life-changing voyage - one that still inspires and empowers me to this day - in my book A SECOND IN ETERNITY, now available on Amazon and Kindle.

In 1980, I met Alice Worrall, one of the world's most accurate psychics. She taught me a basic method of Lithomancy, and for over three decades I have used this highly-intuitive art to give accurate and comprehensive readings in the USA and in Europe, in person and over the phone. I work regularly at psychic fairs, conventions, parties, fundraisers, on cruise ships, on live radio shows, etc.

Using Lithomancy, I ask no questions prior to giving a reading. The Stones and the Pattern speak clearly. Over the decades I have received extremely positive feedback about the accuracy of my insights into all matters: personal, financial, relationships, home, business plans, spiritual issues, unexpected changes, etc. Lithomancy readings cover all issues and how they interrelate, and reveal what such issues are leading to and why. To share with others the power and beauty of this fascinating art, I have written a book on Lithomancy, now available on See excerpts: Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones.  
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How Lithomancy works

3 Lithomancy Pictures

Lithomancy is the psychic art known by terms such as "reading stones, divination by stone, divination by gems, divination by crystals, etc." For Lithomancy readings I use Sixteen Stones and a strip of leather to form a Circle. The inside of the Circle represents the current three-month cycle, the outside represents the longer term, and the Circle represents the environment. Ten of these stones are Planet Stones, and represent the astrological interpretations for the planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Six are Personal Stones that represent personal issues: Love, Luck, Life, Magic, Commitment, and Place. I can add another stone or two to represent some specific issue, person, goal, or circumstance. See: Sixteen Stones

When I give a reading over the phone I roll the Stones in my hands and ask the Client to concentrate on his or her situation. After a few moments I say, "I'm ready" and ask the Client to reply "Drop" whenever it feels appropriate, at which point I drop the stones into the Circle, start the recording, and begin interpreting the Pattern formed.

When I give a reading in person, the Client handles the Stones and drops them in the Circle when it feels right. The readings appear clear to me - in person or over the phone. The Stones always land in the right places to form a unique pattern that accurately outlines (in symbolic form) the next three months of the Client's life and the issues at hand. I interpret this symbolism into specific and relevant information.
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What I see and what to expect
The Patterns formed by the Stones reveal information that I read in a clock-like fashion, starting at the center of the Circle and reading towards 12, then around the Circle as shown by the large curved arrow in the picture above. During the reading, I see and explain in detail a person's current situation and the challenges and opportunities most likely to develop over the next three months... and why. Lithomancy is an amazingly versatile art, and I also use it to read for specific situations, business matters, personal concerns, investigations, investments, unique circumstances, etc.

Readings unfold as a series of interrelated events, and every Pattern reveals layer upon layer of information. An effective reading can take from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the depth and detail desired. People can ask questions before or during the reading, but I end up answering most questions without even being asked. I address issues quickly and efficiently, and I take my responsibility seriously. I am insightful, to the point, honest, and completely confidential. The readings are specific and detailed, so I record the session and email you a private link for download.
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My accuracy
My clients have referred to me as a psychic, an intuitive, a medium, a healer, a teacher, a spiritualist, a clairvoyant, and/or a parapsychologist, and some have even said I am more effective than a psychiatrist... and a lot cheaper. Spirituality and psychic phenomena, however, are multifaceted and overlapping, not confined or restricted by human definitions, and I serve in all these capacities to varying degrees.

No two psychics or their methodologies are the same, and not all questions can be answered by a psychic (or by anyone) with exact dates, places or figures. That said, for decades my clients have told me that I give accurate readings. I deeply appreciate their positive feedback, but there are two sides to this compliment.

My accuracy is attributable to the people to whom I've given readings – and what they did or did not do – just as much as to what I said during a reading. After all, it was their free will, thoughts and actions – not mine – that they directed towards improving their lives and how things turn out. Yes, I do reveal positive possibilities that inspire people to see their situations in different ways and take charge where they have power and influence. But they do the work because of or in spite of their situations, not me.

The Universe guarantees plenty of surprises, but in the end the people for whom I read are the real creators of my accuracy, as they bring into manifestation that which I reveal is possible. We are entitled to such information, and God/Universe is behind our desire to know more and live better, wiser and happier. In essence, it's that simple. If we ask, we open ourselves to receive.
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The power of Lithomancy
I find Lithomancy one of the most powerful psychic arts for the following reasons:

1) This method of psychic reading is highly efficient in that it offers insights into many different issues and reveals how they interrelate and manifest on a weekly basis. Patterns formed by the Stones clearly outline-in symbolic form-the person's present situation, upcoming situations, challenges, opportunities, and changes coming into play. They also always reveal the 'light at the end of the tunnel,' so I never leave a person without a great deal of insight and inspiration, regardless of the situation. The readings I give should never replace free will. To the contrary, they act as guides to help people exercise their free will, benefit from their situations, connect with the Universal Forces, and see the complexities and challenges they face as opportunities for empowerment, happiness, and peace.

2) Every Pattern is unique, as is every person, situation, and moment in time. Using intuition and decades of experience, I tap into this uniqueness and see beyond the surface issues and into past lives, other people and situations, spiritual guides, karmic ties, discarnate souls, and systems at work under the surface. And every Pattern reveals how - via attitudes and actions - a person can develop intuition, become and stay empowered, create positive outcomes, and expand in personal and spiritual growth. 

3) Most of us are concerned with how to deal with the immediate future: the groundwork for the longer term. Everything is interconnected, there are no accidents or coincidences, and our lives unfold as a sequence of events: patterns, in essence. The Patterns I interpret during Lithomancy readings reveal details as well as an overall perspective about what is happening and why. They also address the questions and concerns a person already has in mind. We all know what we want to ask. What we often don't know is what we should ask: questions like "Why is this happening?" and "Where is it leading me?" Using Lithomancy, I cover it all, even matters a person needs to know about, but doesn't consider asking. We are entitled to know such things, but in most cases we must consciously and actively seek such knowledge.
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What I believe
All humans are psychic to some degree. A person's psychic ability is an attribute of the soul, a process as natural as breathing, and a direct connection to the Infinite Mind. People who want to enhance their natural psychic abilities and 'read the signs' can learn to do so via practice, trust, and devotion to development. As we move into the Age of Aquarius-a period of immense change that will bring us closer to enlightenment-more and more people are becoming spiritually aware and recognizing their natural psychic abilities because this is both our collective past and our collective destiny.

I see life as generally divided into 'variables' and 'invariables.' In any one life we have power over many situations and outcomes (variables), but some things are unalterable and/or destined to happen (invariables) due to culture, place and time of birth, parents, karma, choices we have made and actions we have taken in this or previous lives, and numerous other factors. Our power lies in working with the 'variables,' and in doing so we learn how we do indeed create and discover our own individual worlds. Being a part of Nature, we also experience cycles, and the ups and downs we go through are natural and necessary for reflection and growth. Accordingly, nothing we experience is in vain, though we may forget or fail to understand this at times of stress and confusion. In essence, everything is leading us, collectively and individually, toward higher consciousness, one way or another, moment by moment, heartbeat by heartbeat. We benefit most, as does our world, when we consciously participate in this movement towards higher consciousness.

Knowledge and attitude are the true keys to freedom, peace, and happiness. We are all capable of knowing much more about our past, our future, and ourselves than we realize. Secrets about our inner complexity - which is at the core of how we interpret and deal with life - remain secrets only because we have not sought the truth or have refused to acknowledge it and grow accordingly when faced with it. Each of us, however, can become empowered to change our attitudes, recreate ourselves, and take control of our lives and our fates. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us, in our thoughts, hearts, and souls. Free will is always at work - by omission or commission - and is the main factor in determining our fate. After all, it is via free will that we interpret every situation, and interpreting situations as empowering opens the door to higher creativity and better decision-making. And each of us is a Creator, every second of every day.
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Card Readings

I offer readings using regular playing cards to hone in on special issues of interest or concern, be they business, personal, investigative, love, spiritual, financial, relationships, etc. For these readings, the Client needs to ask a very specific question, often with a time limit. The more specific the question is, the more I can offer precise information.

Using my personalized methodology of Cartomancy, I cut the deck repeatedly to grasp 'stream of consciousness' insights. Once this process begins, information flows forward quite rapidly, and I see the situation from numerous angles. Questions can be covered in a matter of minutes, or I can go into more detail. I often use cards along with Lithomancy.
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Card readings by Gary L. Wimmer -

Rates for readings:
Lithomancy, Cartomancy or both with recording of session
I cover a lot of information and make sure you are satisfied

~ 30 minutes over the phone - $60 ~
~ 45 minutes over the phone - $75 ~
~ 60 minutes over the phone or in person in Austin - $90 ~
~ If not satisfied, tell me in first 5 minutes and your payment will be refunded ~

Length of Reading
~ Call or email me for information about readings and bookings
or to set up an appointment. Use the PayPal link above ~
I can process major credit cards over the phone, but I have to input your
credit card number, expiration date, CVV (on back) and ZIP CODE.

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NOTE: Due to constant telemarketing calls and the fact that I am on the phone
a lot, if you call please leave a clear message with tel number or email me

Gary L. Wimmer ~ 512 707-0836 ~

~ Leave a clear message and phone number if I am busy or out ~
~ You will be quite pleased with my insights and accuracy ~
~ Available for parties, cruises, events, conventions, etc. ~
~ Numerous professional references, all clients satisfied ~

Contact Info: Links  
Gary L. Wimmer
7209 Whispering Oaks Dr.
Austin, TX 78745 USA
(512) 707-0836
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