Alice Worrall - The world's most gifted, accurate, and profound psychic
We will always miss your smile, love, insights, compassion & warmth

Alice Worrall

Lady of the Star

Known as 'The Lady of the Star,' Alice Worrall was one of the world's most gifted and accurate psychics. She passed over to the other side on Tuesday October 29, 2013. Many people across the planet will miss her beautiful energy, loving nature and profound insights. If you knew Alice, contact me about pictures of her, if you are interested.

For over 60 years Alice gave readings to people from all walks of life. She was tested at length at several major universities. Her clients included the FBI, scientists, investors, the CIA, private investigators, artists, politicians, people in the media, prosecutors, criminal suspects, and common folks like me... you name it. Without a doubt, she has been one of the most powerful and important influences in many people's lives, and she has consistently guided them in their development on numerous levels. 

I am Gary L. Wimmer. I met Alice in 1980, and she taught me Lithomancy, the psychic art of reading stones, and constantly inspired me to develop psychically and spiritually. And her gift just keeps giving. For decades I have given Lithomancy readings in the USA and in Europe, in person and over the phone, at psychic fairs, conventions, parties, fundraisers, on cruise ships, on live radio shows, etc., and have received extremely positive feedback about the accuracy of my insights. See how I give Lithomancy Readings.

Thanks to Alice and her unending inspiration and guidance, I have also written the only 'How to'  book on this fascinating psychic methodology: Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones. Also available on Amazon and Kindle is A Second in Eernity, the true story about the 'out-of-body, near death, tunnel of light' experience I had in 1977, which Alice helped me understand. Indeed, since the day we met, Alice has been a major influence on my life and my psychic and spiritual development.

Born perpetually curious about everything, I have consulted Alice over the decades on all sorts of issues - political, spiritual, economic, historical, futuristic, scientific - many of which were not associated with my own life. My questions to her are far too numerous to mention here, but her answers and insights have always been astoundingly accurate. I could write a book on just her predictions over the years, and I may someday. She was indeed a very special and unique human being, and we will always miss her.

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Gary L. Wimmer, Psychic & Master of Lithomancy

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