Gary L. Wimmer, Master of Lithomancy

The Sixteen Stones I use to give Lithomancy readings:




Life force, ego, public activity in the world, where we're going in the future, father, male, heart, identity, conscious mind, the will, vitality, genuine and authentic self, one's ability to radiate and shine, leadership, power, authority, spirit, externalizing tendencies, status, dignity, important people, royalty, nobility, heads of state, government, confidence. The Sun rules the fifth sign, Leo, and the Fifth House. Its cycle is equivalent to the Earth's year.
Mother, female, where we've already been, the past, nurturing, imagination, reactive, subconscious mind, sensitive, domestic, growth and protecting life, sentimental, habits, feelings, moods, instincts, reflections, aspirations, emotions, changes, health and the home, the unconscious, the public, fluctuation, the feminine, common people and their needs. The Moon rules the fourth sign, Cancer, and the Fourth House. It orbits the Earth and the zodiac every twenty-eight days, completing one cycle between new moons every twenty-nine and one-half days.
Messenger of the gods, intellect, communication, travel, speech and articulation, wit and humor, logic and reasoning, writing and publishing, learning and teaching, sociability, networking, messages, discernment, restlessness, changeability, adaptability, versatility, inventive, alert, inquisitive, restless, curious, media, logical, thought, mobility, education, youth, students, worker and civil servants. Mercury rules the third sign, Gemini, the sixth sign, Virgo, and the Third and Sixth Houses. It orbits the Sun every eighty-eight days, over four times a year.
Love, peace, romance, harmony, feminine, female, the impulse to reflect, to balance and/or evaluate, beauty, relationships, nature, the arts, affection, money, possessions, unselfish, companionship, children, sister, daughter, sensual, gentle, sexual urge to merge, social life, creativity, culture, prosperity, pleasure, happiness, diplomacy, cooperation, strategy, the senses, sensual desires, luxuries, comforts, marriage, social connections, charm, refined tastes. Venus rules the second sign, Taurus, and the seventh sign, Libra, and the Second and Seventh Houses. It orbits the Sun every two hundred and twenty-five days.
Action, activity, the desire to venture onward or outward, male, man, energetic, aggressive, forceful, decisive, innovative, impulsive, enterprise, adventure, enthusiasm, zeal, courage, athletic and mechanical skill, sexual desire, war, violence, quarrels and accidents, machismo, the armed forces, pioneers and agitators. Mars rules the first sign, Aries, the eighth sign, Scorpio, and the First and Eighth Houses. Its orbits the Sun about every six hundred and eighty-seven days.
Expanding opportunities, widening horizons, optimistic, wisdom, the higher mind, philosophical, jovial, organized religions, prophecy, liberal-minded, universities, law, ceremonies, rituals, generosity, fortune, far-ranging connections between people and/or ideas, abundance, prosperity, finance, world commerce, but also excess, over-confidence, self-righteousness, complaisance. Jupiter rules the ninth sign, Sagittarius, the twelfth sign, Pisces, and the Ninth and Twelfth Houses. It orbits the Sun about every twelve years.
Limits, restrictions, structure, form, order, routine, discipline, repression, patience, wisdom, ambition, desire for status, justice, caution, perseverance, learning, Law of Karma, depression, poverty, realism, dutiful, methodical, conservative, pessimism, orthodoxy, old age, stagnation, misfortune, deep thought, the State, the Establishment, politics, organization, civil authority, officials, administrators, the world and all its laws. Saturn rules the tenth sign, Capricorn, the eleventh sign, Aquarius, and the Tenth and Eleventh Houses. It orbits the Sun about twenty-nine and a half years.
Freedom from convention, change, liberty, quick, sudden, free-form, reformer, innovative groups, eccentric, friendly, impersonal, awareness, unusual aims, individual freedom, violent, disruptive, destructive events, science, enlightenment, self-discovered knowledge, genius, seeing things in new ways, revelations, magicians, astrologers, capitalism, progress, utopian expectations, the New Age. As co-ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is linked to the Eleventh House. It revolves around the Sun once every eighty-four years.
Illusion, religious, spiritual, mystical, imaginative, sensitive, delicate, subtle, equality, the interests of collective society, utopian social movements, destiny and consciousness of humanity as a whole, intuitive, compassion, courteous, kindness, humanitarian, hospitals, prisons, bureaucracies, intangible, life unrestricted by ordinary limits and boundaries, confusion, delusion, deception, to escape from responsibility, to avoid facing reality, drugs, visions of the Universal. Neptune rules the Twelfth House and co-rules the sign of Pisces. It revolves around the Sun once every one hundred and sixty-five years.
Deep subconscious thoughts and feelings coming to surface, the capacity to change forever one's lifestyle, thought processes and/or behavior, pain and memories from the past, creation and destruction, transcendental courage, rebirth, transformation, new life via death of the old self, the rise and fall of civilizations and power structures, syndicates, underworld, crime, people who pool resources to enhance their power, the release of wealth and opportunity, sexuality, fertility, the secrets of biology, the mysteries of creation. Pluto co-rules the Eighth House and the sign of Scorpio. Technically speaking, Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet. It revolves around the sun once every two hundred and forty-eight years. 






The Life Stone represents the Self and/or the way the Subject sees him/herself in this life at this time. It can indicate a point of centeredness we want and reach for, one that we know or learn that we bring about by our consciousness, decisions, attitudes, and activities. This Stone refers to the Subject and that Subject's life. Other people and their lives are represented by other Stones.
The Luck Stone represents fortunate circumstances being around a person. Often thought of as random, luck is actually the results and fruitfulness of circumstances set up by earlier thoughts and actions. Luck represented by this stone is seldom sudden. It covers a period of time, usually a few weeks or longer.
The Love Stone represents loved ones, family, people close to the Subject, people the Subject cares about, and those to whom the Subject is emotionally connected. It also indicates attitudes about love. Venus represents romantic love, the Moon Stone is all about emotions, and the Mars Stone expresses sexual passion, but the Love Stone can also represent some combination of all these facets of love.
The Magic Stone represents timing, the flow of time, and the rate of passage of time. In combination with the Life Stone, the Magic Stone indicates if things seem to move slower, faster, or as anticipated. It offers information about the ups and downs involving matters of time and timing, implies the instigation of activities at a particular time, and reveals the best time to move forward on past projects or begin new ones.
The Place Stone represents all kinds of places as they relate to the Subject. Such places include the home, the work place, a physical geographic place, a familiar place, or even a place where one has not been before. This stone can reveal attitudes, issues, opportunities, and/or concerns about current or new places.
The Commitment Stone represents all types of commitments and responsibilities, which often involve paperwork or getting paperwork done. Legal issues can fall under its domain, as can news of many kinds. This Stone also represents a commitment of will because it takes a commitment to break a bad habit or to change. It may even refer to love in terms of commitment, especially if near the Love Stone.

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Gary L. Wimmer, Master of Lithomancy

Excerpts from Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones