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Registered as novel: PARALLEL - WGA, West - Registration # 906447

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Gary L. Wimmer

LOGLINE: When a middle-aged businessman’s life turns upside down, he gets help from an alien, but pays a dear price along the way.

PARALLEL – Synopsis

PARALLEL (122 pages) is a fast-paced and unpredictable comedy about human vulnerabilities in the midst of madness. Hal, a fickle researcher from the planet Verishia who studies human passion,  observes the downfall of George Tucker, a businessman suffering from middle-class boredom. Unaware he is being studied, George loses a bundle gambling with the mob, then ‘borrows’ money from his firm to make payments to mob boss Vinnie Ruscello. To replace the missing money he ‘borrows’ even more and invests it with Mickey Daily, a multiple personality con artist who disappears with the loot. George’s firm then discovers his thievery and fires him, he faces embezzlement charges, threats from the mob escalate, and his wife moves out. Frantic, George hires Willie Findem, a shady private investigator, to find Mickey by the mob’s deadline. Hal then appears visible to George and offers him three wishes for his participation in the Verishian PARALLEL study on human passion. George accepts, but in his desperation he makes bad choices and suffers through utter chaos and numerous absurd high tech processes Hal implements to grant his wishes, yet he ends up being saved by his wife.

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