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Gary L. Wimmer

MADMAN (117 pages) is an intense psychological thriller that delves into the genetics versus environment balance, the mysteries of the mind, and the realities of circumstantial versus physical evidence in an FBI investigation.  

LOGLINE: A fragile man horribly scarred by a fire has visions of a serial killer’s potential victims and becomes the suspect when he tries to warn them.

MADMAN - Synopsis

The child of dysfunctional parents, Dwayne Harper finds comfort in befriending an imaginary ghost who helps him deal with his pain, inflamed even more when he witnesses his mother kill his abusive father and go to prison. Inspired by this ghost and a twisted past, Dwayne becomes a serial killer as an adult. Terry Doyle, scarred by a fire, begins to have premonitions about Dwayne’s future victims and tries to warn a lady, but becomes the suspect when she is murdered soon after he is released from a psychiatric hospital. Determined to stop the killings, Terry seeks help from a reluctant female friend, and together they escape FBI surveillance to hone in on Dwayne. Meanwhile, Dwayne’s mother reconnects with Dwayne when she is released from prison, and finds her own haunting past brings Terry and Dwayne together, ending Dwayne's murderous rampage.

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