Registered as screenplay: THE DIMSOMS - WGA West - Registration # 1135286

2006 Library of Congress

The Dimsoms


Gary L. Wimmer

LOGLINE: After nose-diving from upper-class, Fred Dimsom struggles to heal his frustrated family when his daughter and niece are kidnapped by gangsters to whom he secretly owes a bundle.

THE DIMSOMS - Synopsis

THE DIMSOMS (91 pages) is a musical comedy about the struggles of Fred Dimsom and his motley family after they fall from upper-class, thanks to Fred’s investment in a corrupt Chinese currency trading firm. Fred’s brother Dave, a rich religious TV host, lets the Dimsoms stay in a cheesy house he owns, and gets Fred a job selling used cars... or trying to. Then the past catches up with Fred when gangsters to whom he owes $200,000 find him and demand payment. Aware that Fred has no money, they kidnap Fred’s daughter and Dave’s daughter and demand $500,000 ransom, adding their $300,000 service fee, but the gangsters’ plans are disrupted when the girls overtake them and demand terms of their own. All major characters dance and sing songs such as: Normal, Swingers, God Keeps the Cash Rolling In, You’ve Got to Close the Deal, Hormones, In Therapy, It’s All Fred’s Fault, We Could Just Shoot Them in the Head, and more.  

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