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Welcome to Gary Wimmer's
Original Song List

These titles mean little to you, of course,
but they're good tunes and cover all styles.

A Little Piece at a Time
Ain't Love A Crazy Game
Already Crazy
An Innocent Man
And She Always Will
As Long As There's Music
Baby, I Tried
Beautiful Eyes
Before It's Too Late
Breathing Room
Captive Of Your Passion
City Living
Cold Cold Winds
Common Ground
Crazy Talk
Crazy World We Live In
Crisis Kid
Daily Dose Of Loving You
Day By Day
Dear Judge, Don't Convict Me
Dream Of Me
Easy To Love You
Ever Closer To You
Finally Found Love
Fire Of Love
Gangsters And Crazy Women
Go On Living My Way
Got to Get Away From Here Blues
Healing Feeling
Holes in My Pocket
I Believe We'll Get Through
I Can Depend On You
I Can Feel It
I Learned How To Love From You
I Want More
I Won't Be Left Standing
If It Hadn't Been For You
If You've Got Loving On Your Mind
I'll Pretend That I'm Blind
I'm Not Giving Up On You
Innocent Of Their Crimes
It Don't Feel Like Love To Me
I've Got No Complaints
I've Had It
Keep Looking
Let Me In or Let Me Go
Let Your Love Shine Through
Let's Blame It All On The Drugs
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Like the Wind
Living by the Nights
Love Hunger
Love It Was
Love My Troubles Away
Madly in Love
Mama, You Played Your Role
Many Good Reasons
May 23 2000 AD
Midnight Moonlight
Music Man
My Back Door
My Kind of Woman
Mystery to Me
Nameless Wonder
New State of Mind
Next Time
Now I See
Now You Act Like a Stranger
On The Climb
One Of Your Lovers
One Side Of Love
Out of Love, Out of Luck, Out of Time
Over And Over Again
Package Deal
Pure And Simple Love
Queen For A Day For Too Long
Rich Man
Rock and Roll Fever
Rough Side of Hell
Settle Me Down
She Used To Call Me Baby
She's a Drunk But A Hell of a Lady
Shelter from the Wind
Slowly Out of My Mind
Smiling Angel
Smother Me
Somebody Will
Something We Can Do
Something's Strange
Surprise Attack
Sweet Love
Sweet Mama
Sweet Rosetta
Take Your Chances On Me
Talk To Me
Tender Loving Care
That's Living
The Rebel I Keep Inside
Till Tonight
Time To Believe
Tomorrow's Love Is Born Today
Too Long In The Valley
Tricks On Me
Trying To Forget About You
Two Lovers Blues
Wait For Me
Ways of the Heart
What Am I To Do
What You Do To Me
When Our Hearts All Beat Together
When You're Around Me
You Make a Believer Out Of Me
Your Own Best Friend
You're Crazy Too

Contact Information:
Gary L. Wimmer
7209 Whispering Oaks Dr.
Austin, TX 78745 USA
(512) 707-0836

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